DECAHEDRON: Disconnection Imminent: CD

Aug 20, 2004

I freely admit that I am annoyed and have a headache at the moment, and I will also admit that reviews frequently say more about the reviewer and the reviewer's tastes than they do about the music which is the alleged subject (and that is something worth remembering as you read this review), but I will make two key points about this release. The first is that the vocals remind me of Perry Farrell. That is not what I consider a good thing. The second is that the presence of Fugazi's Joe Lally doesn't make this disc any better. I like grindy, spazzy, blisteringly intense music. However, while I love Fugazi, I never really liked Frodus. I suppose my primary issue with this release at this moment is that it's like angular, disjointed prog rock. It's like what I imagine would have happened if the Blood Brothers had grown up aspiring to play King Crimson songs in double-time. That might sound like a good thing, but in this case, I really don't think it is.

 –scott (Lovitt)

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