Jun 29, 2007

This is very mature sounding music for mature adults, kind of a modern-day Invisible Touch-era Genesis for the post-emo crowd. Carefully planned Drive Like Jehu-style dissonance, but cleaned up so it will sound nice on your iPod coming out of the speakers of your new Jetta. It’s not necessarily bad, it just doesn’t seem like there was any fun involved with the creation of this. It’s very serious, and smacks of self-importance and pretense. The layout is very professional, the pictures of the dudes in the band are very professional. It comes with a video (I think, I don’t have a computer so I can’t tell) of a live show at Macrock, which, if you don’t know, is a big music festival held every year in the mountains of Virginia where a bunch of bands that nobody’s ever heard of get a chance to wear laminates and act important. A perfect venue for a band like Decahedron. It’s well done, it’s just not my thing.

 –ben (Lovitt)