DEATHWISH: Self-titled: Box Set

This is a three-piece vinyl box set by a Boston band that shed its skin from record to record. A brief history of the band: Record one was recorded in 1983 and has been expanded to seven songs from the unauthorized bootleg release that made the rounds online. It’s crisp and clear now since it was remixed by ace Don Zientara in 2013. Record two first came out as a cassette release in 1987 in a limited run. The band went under the alias of The Loved Ones (sort of like Angry Samoans with Queer Pills) and changed gears a bit to more of a psychedelic ‘70s punk angle. Mostly just distributed in the Boston area at that point, most everyone who got a copy knew it was still Deathwish. Record three was recorded one year earlier, but wasn’t finished until 1995. Bassist Jordan Wood (Slapshot) plays on one song and bassist Pat Leonard (Moving Targets) is featured on the other. So drop the pencil, the pop quiz will be later. The music on this box set requires a dissection. Record one is a furious blast of hardcore from its time. Think Jerry’s Kids jamming with Minor Threat. “Condemned for Life” and “Backstab” will benefit from high volume on your turntable. Once your ears stop ringing, file this next to the first Gang Green record in your collection. Record two is a different animal. What if The Dictators made a record with Stiv Bators, David Johansen, and Nick Marsh (Flesh For Lulu) as guest singers? This would have come pretty damn close. “Minnesota Strip” is my favorite here, but “Back of the Bus” sports some Dag Nasty-ish guitar riffage that will keep the punters smiling. Finally, record three. Only two songs. “What We’ve Got” is a studio version of what was normally an instrumental show opener for the band. “Young and Undefined” features Leonard’s fluid bass playing to great effect. The only way to get this is direct from the label’s site and then play it loud

 –koepenick (Disclaim)