Deathrats and Thieves, 2/12/2010 @ Slims (Raleigh, NC): By Will Butler

Mar 23, 2010

Deathrats magically showed up right on time, despite a tour falling apart, a tour van being snowed into an alley, and a five hour drive turning into an eight hour drive. It was an oddly snowy night in Raleigh at Slims, which is more or less a hole in the wall bar, and local band Shards crushed a set right as Deathrats roll up to the venue. They played a tight set. Thieves ripped it as well. We ended up doing an all ages matinee show for them the next day at the drummer Ira's house. Devour and Stripmines played the matinee show as well. Excellent release shows for Thieves and awesome to have DC's Deathrats come and be awesome with us.

Neither bands exist on the web, closest you can find is