Holy fu-u-u-uck! This is the sort of record you only dream of. Two powerhouses on one slab of grayish marble vinyl. I’m a fan of Desperat, and when I see their records I mentally drool and my mind melts down, “Gotta get this! Gotta get this!” Then, you get Deathraid, who absolutely destroy! Seriously, you would never suspect they are from Seattle. They sound like they’re from Sweden: heavy d-beat hardcore along the lines of Wolfbrigade and Anti-Cimex. The low end on this makes wood floors hum. These songs kill. Tempos range from a mid-tempo chug to fast and chaotic. Drums and guitars smash into each other. Then there’s a pause that lets the bass churn for a moment. Then wham! I like the message of “Enough to Make You Sick,” which points out the general hypocrisy of people who claim to love animals, and are against cruelty, yet don’t hesitate to eat them. Desperat, which consists of members from Mob 47, Warvictims, and Discard, who have been somewhat prolific these past few years, have a little low end in their sound compared to Deathraid, but are still as deadly. The songs are fast, tight, and catchy. Words are spit in a near, rapid-fire attack with a strong sense of urgency. The guitar and bass crank away with an agitated buzzing and rumble sound. The percussion keeps it straight and to the point, busting holes in the sonic wall. This record is absolutely mandatory.

 –M.Avrg (World Funeral,