DEATHLESS, THE: The Gates to the Deathless Are Open: 7"

Apr 28, 2016

Well, this one’s complicated. First of all, as a hardcore record, it definitely kicks ass. But this seems to be... meditationcore? Take the song “Cushion Revolution,” where they shout, “It’s time to take some action! / Sit!” Yep, they’re pushing Buddhism. I have nothing against Buddhist thought. In fact, I get a lot out of it. I love Thich Nhat Hanh and the Tao Te Ching. I can even take something from what The Deathless have to say, especially on, “Perfect Imperfections”: “We’re all perfect in our imperfection / And I’m an image of your reflection /…I see love, I see compassion, I see faith!” I’m just suspicious about pushing spirituality in hardcore. I don’t want to be accepting only to find out they’re a bunch creeps. I have to say I get the heebie-jeebies when they reference the Hare Krishnas. Yeah, I remember when the Krishnas were exploiting hardcore to literally recruit for a cult, but I think they’re just an influence on The Deathless. I’m still a little ehhh, but at the same time I think their message is valid if you take the right things from it. It’s also what I like about the band. It’s what gets them charged and rockin’. I just don’t want to set a bad precedent. We’ve been burned before on this shit and certainly don’t need a revival. However, for a discerning listener, there’s some great finger-pointing youth crew hardcore and a pretty positive message.

 –Craven Rock (Chapter 11,,