DEATH WISH KIDS: Discography: CD

Aug 24, 2009

A couple of members of Death Wish Kids, including vocalist Andrea Zollo, went on to Pretty Girls Make Graves. And as inventive, distinctive, and grounded in songwriting PGMG is, this band wasn’t. This is a collection of songs from that go from bad (their ’95 release) to worse (their ’94 demo that sounds like it was recorded with towels wrapped around all of the equipment). It’s derivative, clonky, cliché-riddled, monkey beat, scream-athon hardcore that, even if you’re so bored that you’re reading along with the lyrics, it’s close to impossible to decipher them. Somewhere in the middle of the mess, they go on and rape the shit out of the Vibrators’ “Whips and Furs.” Yeeowch.

 –todd (Aerodrome)