DEATH TRAP: No Hicks: 7” EP

Jul 18, 2011

A rudimentary howl from the bowels of King City, CA circa 1983. According to the liner notes, these guys lived the life of many folks stuck in small towns back in those days; namely they were part of a “scene” that consisted of maybe eight kids, tops, and the rest of town hating them merely for existing. Though they never managed a release back then, they did do some four-track recording—which is where the four tunes here come from—and managed to play some great shows in San Jose, Fresno, and other punk-friendlier Northern California spots with some of the heavy hitters of the day. This ain’t likely to get the average Social Distortion fan’s panties in a bunch, but it is a nice addition to the pantheon of platters voicing punker discontent in a time when it was a fuggin’ miracle one had access to equipment to make a racket to a crowd smaller than the average basketball team. Respect to ‘em.

 –jimmy (Feral Kid)