DEATH SENTENCE: Not a Pretty Sight/Stop Killing Me: CD

Mar 04, 2010

Another long out-of-print Canadian band sees the light of day! Death Sentence were a Vancouver band who put out two LPs in the mid-’80s, both of which are seeing the light of day on CD for the first time now. Their debut, 1985’s Not a Pretty Sight, is their best known material with staple tunes like “Death Squad,” “Dawn of the Dead,” and “R.C.M.P.” Where most bands were leaning to the metal side of things during this era, Death Sentence sounded more like DOA’s prime years, with a bit more British punk and a dash of rock’n’roll thrown in. Stop Killing Me came out in 1988 and is a slight departure from the previous record. The metal started to rear its ugly head. There’s reverb on the vocals and some flange effects here and there. Thankfully, the tunes (for the most part) are still better than most of the ‘80s hardcore bands that decided to grow their hair out and get their guitar wank on. This disc is fully re-mastered and sounds great. Picking this up is highly recommended not only from a historical standpoint, but for the fact that it truly rips!

 –ty (Lazy 8)