Death of Bunny Munro, The : By Nick Cave, 288 pgs. By Rene Navarro

This is a romance novel that requires a sense of humor, albeit a very sick sense of humor which is what stopped me from labeling it a romance comedy. Like all of Nick Cave’s work it requires a certain detachment from reality to not roll your eyes and just go with it. While the book is a long list of characters such as Bunny Sr. or Poodle, the only two characters developed in depth are Bunny Monroe and his son Bunny Jr.

            The book revolves around Bunny Munro’s psychotic escapades and his newfound relationship with his son whom he barely knows (as an actual parent), brought on by his wife’s suicide. Imagine Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas set in modern England with a scared, over-intelligent little kid in the car, which is a Punto. It’s prime real estate for fans of Chuck Palahniuk or Irvine Welsh, whom offers a glowing review on the back cover under the large heading “Praise for NICK CAVE.” Once again, don’t roll your eyes and just go with it to unveil the story of a man addicted to booze, cigarettes, horrific pop music, and pussy. If that last word made you uncomfortable, do not get this book, as it appears in surprisingly biologically correct detail on almost every other page. –Rene Navarro (Canon Gate)