DEATH IN THE PARK: Self-titled: CD

Nov 02, 2010

Oh boy. The cover alone has a sticker that says this was produced by some guy who’s apparently worked with “Maroon 5, Jennifer Lopez, NSYNC, Gavin Degraw…and yes, we listed that here.” Sounds like someone’s got a lot of money to throw around, great; buy me lunch. The music itself is standard MTV/mall pop punk, with some half-assed murder/crime theme. The fact that the liner notes have skipped out on lyrics in favor of pictures of a girl who’s supposedly been murdered leads me to believe that this another “Wah, a girl broke my heart once, ergo all girls are jerks,” outfits that ultimately seems like it was put together in a board room with the plan of “Eh, we can make a few bucks here.” Again; buy me lunch.

 –joe (End Sounds)