DEATH: For All the World to See: CD

Jul 03, 2009

The story of this record contains a lot of the romance that records nerds like me eat up. Three brothers from Detroit start a band, hear the first Stooges record, start playing rock’n’roll, get a record deal, refuse to change their name, get dropped, are not allowed to finish their album, and get left behind in the pages of rock history. This re-ish contains seven songs from their aborted recording session. Most of the songs resemble the higher end of the MC5 catalog. “Freakin Out” is a snotty tune that throws a wrench in the timeline of when rock’n’roll sped up, as these sessions took place in 1974. All the songs on this record are great, but “Freakin Out” is a real head scratcher. It’s hard to imagine this song being recorded in ’74. Without a doubt, it is a lost classic. This record is awesome and essential for punk historians and fans of Detroit rock’n’roll.

 –Billups Allen (Drag City)