DEATH DEALERS: Files of Atrocity: CD

Jul 14, 2011

Remember when you first listened to Doom’s Monarchy Zoo? How it kicked your ass from one end of the room to the next, and you laughed like a maniac the whole time because you could not believe anything could be this good? Well, Death Dealers do much of the same thing here. Members of Extreme Noise Terror with Charlie Claeson from Anti-Cimex on drums. Even better than I was anticipating. Starts off with some ear-splitting distortion and feedback. Right there, a good sign, and then it’s a motherfucker of a hell ride from there on out. Even the bomb blasts in “Fix to Feed” are awesome. “Blinded by Fame” would make even the most reluctant listener of heavy crust move their ass in the name of rock. The sound is heavy, charging like mad, and the guitar on here sounds killer.

 –M.Avrg (Farewell)