DEATH CRISIS: Self-titled: EP

Nov 11, 2009

Former members of Life Crisis and Chickenfarm join forces and crank out some blazing, no-frills hardcore punk. “Que Instersante” is a scorcher. The tempo comes down fast and hard and constant, and the vocal delivery is spot on. Albert sounds pissed and unhinged. The first song on the B side, “El Masturbador,” sounds like a grind band has taken over. But it’s not bad actually, and they redeem themselves with “Sounded Like a Good Idea” and “Saddam Is Dead.” Great lyrics as well; some sarcasm mixed in with the commentary—what any punk band worth a damn is good at. Glad to see these guys get some vinyl out. I’m hoping there’s more soon. Great live band as well.

 –M.Avrg (Too Old To Die, [email protected])

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