Glad to see there’s a new record from San Diego’s finest, Death Crisis. This one does not disappoint. May be their best yet. Three songs of straight-forward hardcore punk going fast to just a little less fast. Alberto’s vocals sound in fine form with their delivery of lyrics that are rooted in frustration and rejection. This isn’t some hipster pose; this is the real deal kind of stuff. The music’s tough and burly without being macho shit. It’s music fueled by anger and disgust by a group of guys who won’t get soft as they get older. Right on! The song “Comfort Shelter Lies” is one of the best songs about relationships I’ve ever heard. On the other side of this record are two tracks from the long-running Diatribe. I must confess, despite seeing their name in fanzines for a hundred years, I’ve never listened to them until now. Musically, they don’t stand out much, but the lyrics covering patriotism and those who should know better turning right wing are pretty good. But it’s the Death Crisis songs that I keep going back to.

 –M.Avrg (To Old To Die,