DEATH CAT: Submit to Nothing & Guadare La Morte in Accia: both are CDs

I could have just written about Death Cat as another band going out of its way to make abrasive, irritating music to cover up their marginal talent or lack of ideas. However, Death Cat has plenty of ideas, so many that they say they’ve been described as, “space punk, noise punk, fast blues experimental, thrash, screamo, art rock, and Satanists.” They’ve been going at this lack of a sound for seven years and set up shop in Chicago and Detroit before landing in Los Angeles and “getting kicked out of more venues than (they) can count.” They’re serious about this, I’ll give ‘em that. Unfortunately, on their uneven and scattershot albums of you-can’t-handle-it-core, they still sound like another group of stoners who hit the basement after listening to way too much Butthole Surfers and Mr. Bungle and recorded their jam session… And recorded… And jammed …And recorded… And jammed. Okay! This is beyond horrible and pretentious.

 –Craven Rock (Not)