DEATH BY STEREO: Death for Life: CD

Jul 22, 2006

DBS continue to be one of my favorite bands that wear the Pantera and Iron Maiden flag on their sleeves, refusing to give a rat’s fat ass what you or anyone else thinks of them. Way talented and way heavy, DBS have proven record after record that they can and will play circles around most of those craptacular bands screen printed on back of that OzzFest T-shirt you had to spend two months worth of your lunch money on. Punk rock spirit with a full dose of metal up your ass. And that’s good metal, not that hair band pose ‘n wank shitty pap metal. Metal that bassists Lemmy Kilmister and Tom Araya have christened us with. Choice cuts here to mow your car through Korn and Slipknot’s merch stands are “This Curse of Days,” “Middle Fingers,” and “Binge/Purge.” The Torrez is fully backing the DBS, so that alone should get your ass in gear. Viva DBS! Viva Torrez! YL in the house!

 –dale (Epitaph)

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