Nov 13, 2013

I got Death By Steamship’s first album, S.S Endurance, to review a while back and I played it quite a bit. I really dug how the lyrics, sung in a spirited, almost spoken shout, dealt with the working class existence in the way it really is. The songs, alternating from angry screeds about the information age and jobs to a joyful celebrating of life’s simpler pleasures—like calling in sick with your lover or just kicking it with friends—have a droll, two-tears-in-a-bucket poetry. The music is engaging and shrewd post-hardcore. It wasn’t until I went out and saw them that I realized that they’re probably one of the most authentic bands in Seattle. They played their hearts out to a mostly empty room. Wearing ball caps and jeans, they could have been punks, but just as easily your co-worker. Their sound is unique and challenging, perhaps alienating Seattle’s patched drunk punks, mook metal heads, and far too sincere and proletarian for the scenester, Boeing/Microsoft babies to take notice. The singer gave me this 7” that night after I introduced myself. It has the same feel—appreciation of small things like smoking cigarettes and reading Vonnegut on the porch. Righteous rage is spit towards butt-hurt, aggressive alpha males and negative jerkoffs who throw their weight around. Like their last release, it’s relevant, compassionate, and bold music that’s uncompromisingly inventive.

 –Craven Rock (Whoa! Boat,