Sep 23, 2009

Work with me here. Picture a Michael Madsen or Jean Claude Van Damme direct-to-video flick from 1999: one of those movies about the alcoholic, down-on-his-luck cop or ex-Special Forces guy who threw it all away to, I don’t know, became a carpenter or something. This poor guy, he just wants to live the good life. But he’s tormented by his past, right? And, well, he just needs the love of a good woman to put his demons to rest and set him free. Unfortunately, she’s been captured by evil terrorists! He’ll have to don his twin Uzis and body armor one more time! Does this sound predictable yet? Seem like you’ve heard it a million times before? Well, welcome to Death Before Dishonor’s latest. Three songs, in which they wax wistful about the glory days of their violent hardcore youth, gleefully wish drug addicts would hurry up and die, and cover everyone’s favorite skinheads, The Bruisers. Fuck this dumbed-down, paint-by-numbers, predictable shit.

 –keith (Bridge Nine)