DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR: Break Through It All: 7"

Sep 19, 2007

This record does what it’s supposed to. It makes me want to wreck people. It does what Blood For Blood did for me for a brief time. It makes everything look twisted and ugly and deserving of at least one boot party for all that it has done to you. It’s hardcore, it’s heavy, and it isn’t afraid to lay down a little double bass for just the right amount of time. What I wish it didn’t do was cover Cock Sparrer. It’s not the most offensive version of “England (here Boston) Belongs to Me” but it’s really nothing special. The other two songs are apparently on their LP so if you were thinking of getting this for the cover on the B-Side you might be okay just having that LP. For you nerds this is limited to 1,000 hand-numbered copies on blue/black splatter vinyl and red/black splatter vinyl. Are we over “splatter” vinyl yet? You see it so often these days because of Pirates Press that it’s lost all specialness to me.

 –Steve Stephenson (Bridge 9)