Dear Mr. Mackin: By Rich Mackin

Jan 10, 2002

During the past several years, the irreverent reverend of consumeristic craziness, Mr. Richie "MadDog" Mackin, has whimsically waged a continuous campaign of insolent written warfare against cash-hungry corporate big-dogs. In his witty sarcasm-tinged letters, Rich astutely expresses dismay, confusion, repulsion, and scalp-scratchin' bewilderment over the inane advertising practices of such monopolistic entities as GE, Pepsi, Kellog's, Taco Bell, Frito-Lay, and Exxon (to name but a few!). He meticulously picks apart the worthiness of their products while making a complete mockery of the knee-jerkin' commercial messages that are slavishly used to promote the mass-produced goods in question. And he accomplishes it all with a straight-faced childlike demeanor inquisitively streaking through each word.

This book is a concise collection of the soulfully funny letters of Reverend Rich, and it also contains a smarmy smattering of anti-corporate rants via a few choice column cuts from his Flipside days (a certain Todd Taylor character wrote the introductory preface to this book. Hey, that boy's pretty damn good. He should write for Sports Illustrated, Spin, National Geographic, Better Homes & Gardens, or hell, maybe he should start his own magazine… heh heh heh!). I read all of Dear Mr. Mackin… cover-to-cover in just one sitting, and halfway through it, I was laughing so hard I became spastically choked and blew lots of beer straight outta my nose while peeing my pants silly and pulling a muscle or two in my stomach. Damn straight, this book is a hilariously engrossing read, a wry well-versed commentary on our plastic-enshrouded society's unrelenting obsession with blatant consumerism. (Gorsky Press, PO Box 320504, Cocoa Beach, FL 32932)

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