DEAR LANDLORD: Dream Homes: CD / LP / bonus 7”

I preordered this album from No Idea, and they really made it a fantastic collector’s item. Not only did I get the CD, but also the colored 12” vinyl, a piece of badass screened art, and a bonus 7”. As if the music alone wasn’t going to satisfy me! And it does. Oh, yes, it does. The guys in this band seem to have listened to a lot of the same shit I did when I was a teenager: the Ramones, The Vindictives, The Queers, Grimple—right? And then, get this, these guys played in the bands I loved after I was no longer a teenager: Rivethead, The Copyrights, House Boat, Off With Their Heads, and The Gateway District (there may be a few more, but, damn, was this a review or a name dropping sesh?)! Oh, and rumors of a split 7” with Toys That Kill? Count me in!

 –mrz (No Idea)