Sep 19, 2007

Pop punk, in the progressive, non-ass sense. Man, I miss Rivethead. The early ‘00s were an unkind time for pop punk, so it took more than songs about girlfriends and bubblegum to pull through without being called a cardboard cutout of the Ramones or a straight-up donger. Dear Landlord has Half Pint and Zack of Rivethead, so the tempos, words, and vocals are a direct continuation of the “hard luck, but better off than most of dumbass America” of Rivethead; songs that are toe tappers without the self-lobotomy kit that seems to come with too much pop punk. Gritty, explosive, exciting, and clear. Songs that you won’t feel guilty listening to if you’re over sixteen years old. Yeah. Rulin’. Chinese Telephones: Sometimes, you don’t want to tell how great you think bands are, that they’re so humble and that sort of praise will knock ‘em off their game. But I will say this: The Chinese Telephones are right at the point where they’re going to eclipse some bands they’ve got tattooed on their bodies.

 –todd (It’s Alive / Recess)

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