DEAN DIRG: The Chimpanzee EP: 7"

Jun 29, 2007

Like a divine case of directed panspermia, the demented clown sperm of Henry Fiat’s Open Sore seems to have landed in the fertile manure fields of Germany and given rise to a hell spawn known as Dean Dirg. And that—praise the Lord—is a beautiful thing. Almost anything that can be said about HFOS can be said of Dean Dirg except for two things: 1) the Dean Dirg boys don’t seem to wear suits and wrap their heads in Ace bandages, and 2) their lyrics, though similarly disjointed and off-kilter, are not as funny and offensive as those that flow from the thoughtful pen of the Bard of Stockholm, Henry Fiat. But other than that, it’s a fast, trashy-but-tight, shit-flying mongo-fest that would do HFOS proud. I like this band a lot.

 –aphid (Ken Rock)