DEAN DIRG: 26 Kicks to Make the World Pay: CD

Jun 29, 2007

Living amidst a musical world of contradiction, Germany’s Dean Dirg pull together polar opposites. Sloppy/tight. dumb/genius. Medicine/disease. Damaged/perfect. Warty/beautiful. They play like they’re all jumping around in a moon bounce, and yet keep it cohesive and short. The obvious match-ups are Henry Fiats Open Sore (whom they’ve done a split with); the Tyrades (for the too-much-coffee, not-enough-sleep, we’ve-failed-so-brilliantly-we’ve-actually-won patina); and the Functional Blackouts, where you suspect that there’s some actual real thinking going on behind the damage but they’ll probably never admit it because they don’t want to appear in any way, shape, or form as pretentious. Twenty-six songs. Not one hits two minutes. Recommended for folks who think tying their shoes is too much of a hassle and go with velcro.

–todd (Dead Beat)