DEADVIKINGS, THE: Electric Demon: CD

I usually expect the grimier side of the rock’n’roll spectrum from Zodiac Killer records. This is not grimy. The label must be trying to diversify. It works. This CD has all of the mandatory, rollicking rock energy. I don’t want to say it’s clean, because it’s not clean. Maybe it’s more focused. Maybe it’s more precise. The Deadvikings know exactly how to use their weapons. Not a single bass line meanders. The drums are going to beat on you so hard you’re not going to be able to stop nodding your head. You’re going to get slapped in the face with some rollicking guitar solos, and you’re going to beg for more. You’ll probably even try to sing along, and it will sound terrible. But you’ll keep doing it, because you love it and you can’t stop.

 –mp (Zodiac Killer)