DEADNECKS (MT) / TALES FROM GHOST TOWN: I Smoked Meth and All I Got Left Is This Lousy EP: CDEP

Jul 22, 2015

Two bands from Montana come together and lay down their jams on this disc. Tales… is actually a one man band project. It looks like Deadnecks has actually thrown in the towel at the time of this writing. But maybe if you buy a truckload of these CDs, they will reunite. Dare to dream, kids! Deadnecks calls themselves a country punk band. Some of the songs here actually feature some banjo played at breakneck speeds. I’m not hearing too much of the country influence in the lyrics, but the title of the last song is “Whiskey, Loose Women & Gamblin.” Tales’ side starts with “Welcome to Montana” and then there is a live song which is raw but entertaining. The last song is an unlisted medley where the two acts play together. Foot-stompin.’ 

 –koepenick (Sxratch Native, [email protected])

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