Sep 18, 2009

These Deadly Snakes are downtrodden yet optimistic. "By the time I'm gone, you'll be twice as dead as me..." Sheesh, that's a statement every burnt ex-lover can look forward to. "I'm Not Your Solider," their second full length, displays their broad range of influences from countrified, electrified, rhythmic blues to Kinks-influenced sways, back down to drunken honky tonk angst rock. This album separates these gentlemen from the boys still floundering in the cesspool of tired, ordinary garage rock'n'roll. The Snakes wear their dripping, bleeding hearts proudly on their sleeves and transform a shitty day - aw heck, their shitty lives - into a 14 track CD of pure emotional rescue in the form of a three-and-a-half minute song. Greg Cartwright is at the helm producing as well as balladeering these diamond-hard cuts much along the lines of what he had begun with the Compulsive Gamblers and his presence resonates throughout. If you've been around the block more than once and still love to hate it, this album is for you.

 –nam (In The Red)