Jul 09, 2009

Two bands, three songs each. England’s Deadline: I’m a sucker for female-fronted punk bands with a vocalist who can go from a Faye Fife of the Rezillos to an Eve Libertine of Crass to Penetration from song to song without missing a step. Liz’s vocals are so clear and powerful that they make Brodie from The Distillers seem like she’s still in grade school singing about fuzzy slippers. It doesn’t hurt that the entire band doesn’t rely on a great voice but plays along like they’re lit on classic pub rock while sounding like it’s still on fire. I’m surprised how good they are. Brassknuckle Boys: Don’t let the thuggish name fool you, these guys have undeniable power, like the GC5. They artfully tease the fine lines between oi, pride, and old fashioned kick-ass songwriting and turn Tom Petty’s “American Girl” into a rough anthem, which is the power to all their songs. What’s sobering, after being a big fan of their LP American Bastard, is that two of their members are dead. Weird. Great split.

 –todd (Haunted Town)