DEADFALL: Keep Telling Yourself It’s Okay: 7"

Sep 05, 2006

I saw these guys twice last week with Municipal Waste! Both bands were so good. The contrast of styles made them a good touring pair. Deadfall, if you are not of the know, play straight up fast punk rock. I wanted to use the term hardcore, but that term has been tainted of late with a genre and fan base I would much rather not be associated with at this time. In your face and not afraid to confront, these guys play with heart and enjoyment. More times than not, it shows when a band is not into it. The four times I have seen this band, they gave it their all. It also comes across in their recorded works. A band that is not afraid to thrash and have a good time. Taking influence from many of the greats from the ‘80s and not sounding like a retro rip-off. They are one of the Bay Area’s highlights at the moment and close enough that they come down more than once a year.

 –don (Tank Crimes)