DEADCATS, THE: Feline 500: CD

Mar 17, 2008

The whole psychobilly thing is a bit of a mystery to me. I like the tunes for the most part, but hate all the trapping and attitudes that go along with it. Well, I’m not here to review an entire genre here, so let’s talk about the music. The Deadcats have been at it for years and I suppose that I might have a bit of a bias towards them since they do hail from my part of the world. The fact remains that they were out there doing this long before every Tom, Dick, and Douchebag had a pompadour and creepers. This record is right up there with the rest of their work. Catchy, creepy, and easy to move your feet to, they manage to refrain from the over the top howling of newer contemporaries such as Tiger Army or Nekromantix. Throwing in a cover of the Young Canadians’ legendary “Hawaii” can’t hurt either.

 –ty (Flying Saucer)

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