DEADBOLT: I Should Have Killed You: CD

Aug 15, 2006

A couple of years back, I heard a song by these guys, “Billy’s Dead,” on a comp and it has since become one of my favorite Halloween tunes of all time, just behind Inflatable Boy Clams’ “Skeletons” and some country tune called “Psycho,” so to say I was excited to hear a full-length by ’em is a no-brainer. The stuff here is along the same lines as the aforementioned tune: mellow, Cramps/Morricone-inspired surf guitar, monotone vocals from the Johnny-Cash-via-Shatner school of singin’ warbling about voodoo girls and telephoning the dead, spare drumming. Although there really ain’t much variation in tone or dynamics, they somehow manage to make it work over the course of twelve tunes, one of which is a cover of Jimmy Dean’s “Big John,” which is also a no-brainer. Fun listen.

 –jimmy (Cargo)

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