DEADBOLT: Haight Street Hippie Massacre: CD

Jul 22, 2006

Proudly "Made in USA," this 2003 retrospective thoughtfully covers all eras of Deadbolt's arguably productive career. Includes staples like "Who the Hell is Mrs. Valdez?" "Tiki Man," "Hit Gone Wrong" and "Truck Driving SOB." Tossed in for good measure are several previously unreleased tracks: "I Saw the King," "Go Tell Alice," "Edie," and "Listen to the Message." For added value, a cover of Burt Bacharach's "Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head" has been tacked on at the end. Dedicated fans worldwide have had most of this material for quite some time, but newcomers will appreciate the comprehensive peek down in the lab, especially since the liner notes include a complete roster of everyone who has ever been in or with the band. Remorsefully, some of my favorite songs aren't included: "The Day I Got My Spine Back,” "Slap," "Creepy and Weird," and "Twang Zombie."

 â€“thiringer (Cargo)

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