DEAD UNCLES: Demo: Cassette

Jul 22, 2008

They would stand to benefit if they were to ditch their vocalist. He, their vocalist, sounds like he listens to a lot of Blink-182 while the rest of the band listens to nondescript pop punk. They also cover “Rumble Seats and Running Boards” by Cleveland Bound Death Sentence. Trying to erase their version from my memory, I listened to the original a few times. It didn’t work; theirs is still haunting me. That aside, I don’t think that the song should have been covered, at least not with the original lyrics in their entirety. A few years back, I read an interview with a member of Jawbreaker (either Blake or Adam if memory serves). The interviewer asked if the band found other bands covering “Boxcar” weird—a song that Dead Uncles thought about covering instead per the liner notes—because of the particular events mentioned in the lyrics. I don’t think that the band thought much of it. However, I find myself in the same mindset of the interviewer, and the case holds here.

 –Vince (Spicy Soup,