DEAD TO ME: Cuban Ballerina: CD

Sep 05, 2006

I popped this in and I hear my wife, Leslie, ask from the other side of the room, “Who is that? It sounds like One Man Army.” I tell her who it is and proceed to learn that this band features, not one, but two former members of One Man Army. So hey, she was fuckin’ right. They also feature a member from Western Addiction. Punk bands are so incestuous. Instructions were blurted from the other side of the room for demands of a copy. I have to obey. She is my wife for Christ’s sake. I could have married someone who only listened to Top 40 and berated me for being a child still listening to punk. With the pedigree of the band, you should have no problem figuring out what this band sounds like. In fact, they could have easily labeled this a One Man Army record and no one would have blinked an eye. Melodic but not paint by numbers. Songs that are catchy and infectious. They have a new fan in my wife.

 –don (FAT)

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