DEAD TO A DYING WORLD: Self-titled: 2 x LP

May 09, 2012

It might be unfair to accuse Dead To A Dying World of relying heavily on the Neurosis influence, but that’s exactly what’s going on here right down to the cellos, vocals, and dark musical atmosphere. At first I was bothered by these traits—seeing as how there can and should only be one Neurosis—but then I realized that the bar may have been inadvertently set so high that it is far too much to ask for anything of this caliber to sound completely original or revitalizing. However, this is no mere homage. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard cellos accompanying a heavy downpour of Tragedy-esque fast parts. Not so much a concept album as it is an experimental metal opera in four movements, each side seems to surpass the prior in brutality. The packaging is incredible: two-eye catching, slime-colored LPs (they appear to be black until you hold them up to a light) each with their own printed dust sleeves, full color gatefold album jacket which fits right into an embossed outer sleeve. As visually captivating as the music it houses.

 –Juan Espinosa (Tofu Carnage, no address)

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