DEAD STOP: Done with You: CD

Jul 06, 2007

Okay, Gord at Deranged Records must have taken a wheel barrel full of fat pink little infants and offered it up to Choronzon as a sacrificial snack in exchange for favorable luck in stumbling across amazing band after amazing band. How else do you explain Fucked Up, Career Suicide and now Dead Stop—all on Deranged? My god, what other awesome, run-away cement truck bands do they have on their roster that I don’t yet know about? Any other label would be lucky to have just one band of that caliber, let alone three. Like those other Deranged bands, Dead Stop is a hardcore band that somehow manages to sound like they’ve re-invented hardcore, even if they really haven’t. This is anything but generic, formulaic hardcore. This CD hits you like someone swinging the business end of a twenty-pound carp right into your mush. And it’s all the cooler because it’s been reported to me that Lino, the lead singer, is a truculent little elf who likes to wear fingerless gloves and a teeny-tiny leather jacket. Awesome band.

 –aphid (Deranged)