Right up front, I’m not much of a fan of the average two-member band thing, specifically with the whole guitar-drums/bass-drums thing. The reason is simple: most of ‘em aren’t proficient enough to compensate for the sonic hole left by the missing instrument. This ain’t a big deal when we’re talking about something like rockabilly or some other roots-based music, but when it’s more rambunctious-oriented stuff, I can count on the fingers of one hand the instances where a band bucks the odds. Usually, though, the results end up sounding a bit flat. Totally a personal preference thing, and I’m well aware that there are those who would disagree, but unfortunately, this is the case here. The songs are potent bits of primal rock/punk but the low end punch provided by a bass (or even a baritone guitar wielded by someone with the dexterous flair to fill that void) is sorely missed here.

 –jimmy (Dead Skull,