DEAD PAWNS, THE: Self-titled: CD-R

Mar 12, 2010

Boy, reading a lot of reviews out there, you’d get the feeling that everything a reviewer is sent is either spectacularly, mind-bendingly, worthy of “best of the year list” status good, or just plain unlistenable crap. This is not the case. We get a lot of stuff like the Dead Pawns. This CD-R isn’t awful, but it’s a far sight from something I’d want to toss in and listen to after this review is over. The Dead Pawns play punk music that’s sometimes country-ish (there’s a banjo occasionally) and they don’t think much of women, or one particular woman, at least. They also spelled the word “blasphemer” wrong on the back of the CD. That alone will get you a poor review in my book.

 –Ryan Horky (Self-released,