DEAD MOON: Trash and Burn: CD

Jul 05, 2001

I've heard glimpses and snatches of Dead Moon for awhile. They've been around for twenty years, if not more. The lead singer's voice makes me nervous. He's high pitched, and it makes me physically cringe. But, let me make this clear - this is a physiological response to Fred Cole's voice - like there's too much timbre in the recording or maybe it's just the right octave to make my skin get all crawly. I like the music behind him a bunch. Most simply, it's catchy, lo-fi, mono-recorded rock'n'roll, without any sort of effects at all, like the Rolling Stones before they started acting like gods and began playing like wanking Xeroxes of their former selves. There's a nice and simple honesty to Dead Moon's songs. I just wish the vocals didn't do what they do to me.

 –todd (Empty, PO Box 12034, Seattle, WA 98102;

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