DEAD MILKMEN: Dark Clouds over Middlemarch: 7”

I’m still having a hard time figuring out how it can be 2013 and Dead Milkmen are releasing new records. It’s just something that I never would have expected to happen. After 2011’s The King in Yellow, I thought it would be a long time until we heard from Dead Milkmen again. Nope. Not only have they put out this piece of vinyl, but they’re releasing a series of limited edition 7” singles. Thinking back, I’m pretty sure that it was Dead Milkmen who kick started my love of funny punk rock, so it’s safe to say that I have a soft spot for them in my heart. The songs here sound a lot like the stuff from their last full length, but perhaps a little more upbeat. The song “Ronald Reagan Killed the Black Dahlia” treads into classic Milkmen territory. They are doing what they do best and that makes me happy.

 –ty (Dead Milkmen, [email protected],