Dec 29, 2008

I know nothing of the band itself, so the following is completely hypothetical. Contains members who have been in previous bands of varying regional notoriety. The band’s a democracy of sorts and the team leaders are older, have settled into the idea that music is a great weapon against complacency, a torch to illuminate the next couple of steps, and a heart warmer, not a career opportunity. They’re aware of Dillinger Four, Jawbreaker, and Toys That Kill, but don’t want to sound anything like them. They want to sound like who shows up in the mirror in the morning. The person who writes the lyrics reads books. Many books and probably has several zines under their belt. The following is not hypothetical: Medium Noise is a varied, exciting, well written, well recorded album that’s the sum of lives closely examined. It’s mid-paced, melodic, and melancholic while giving the overall feeling of Baltimore in the winter: the rust, the caked-on ice, white puffs of breath, of a town living in the shadow of much larger cities and deciding to stay and celebrate what it has to offer, which took the better part of a decade to realize. A spot-on album. Highly recommended.

 –todd (Toxic Pop)

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