Second record from this Baltimore trio. So many things spring to mind while listening to this recording. Since the band has two primary singer/songwriters, I tend to think of bands that reached for the brass ring and got it like Hüsker Dü and Mission Of Burma. Not because Dead Mechanical sounds like those bands. Just that the inner dynamic of having two writers/singers in the band just takes it into the upper stratosphere of excellence. Plus, bassist Dan Bress co-writes on a few tracks, proving he is a step above Greg Norton. But seriously, on some tracks here the vocal interplay recalls Fugazi at their fiercest, but without being overly preachy at any point in time. Guitarist Lucas Carscadden’s brittle vocals and guitar lines mesh so well with drummer Matt Dorsey’s drum patterns and subtle vocals that you may not even notice it until it’s too late. Then you will never get Addict Rhythms out of your head. This is an excellent situation to be in when all is said and done.

 –koepenick (Traffic Street)