DEAD MAN: Out with the Trash: CD

Sep 18, 2009

These deviant rock'n'roll hellions savagely thrash, wail, and plunder their way through an ear-bruising assortment of gritty bowery-style sonic decadence that's cacophonously comparable to a murderously rampaging skin-carving streetfight free-for-all between the Dead Boys, New York Dolls, and early '70s-era Rolling Stones. Hell yeh, the spit-tossin' vocals are razor-slashed and snotty... the rampantly searing guitars electrically resurrect the pockmarked and scarred ghost of Johnny Thunders like Frankenstein's brain-damaged monster (man oh man, this is some of the most goddamn amazing and energetically fiery guitar-playin' that's ever accosted my ears!)... the bass and drums violently battle it out in an ass-whuppin' whirlwind maelstrom of flesh-shreddin' turbulence... and an occasional napalm-propelled harmonica barbarically blares throughout it all. Now my ears are uncontrollably smokin' like a motherfucker (gee, thanks for the third-degree burns to my eardrums, D.M.C.!)... this is the ultimate havoc-inflicting aural experience, hands down and bar none!

 –guest (Know)

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