DEAD KINGS, THE: For All Those Hot Black Chicks: CD

Jun 23, 2009

Baloney Shrapnel/Scumfuck Confederacy-inspired rockin’ grime, just not as mighty as Cocknoose, who does it like it’s supposed to be done, god bless ‘em. Interestingly enough, there’s a quasi-interview snippet at the end of this disc with Beetlejuice, a wackpack regular from the Howard Stern Show. From what it says on the Dead Kings’ website, it’s from a VHS rant the band received a while back. Beet’s asked what he thinks about The Dead Kings and it’s pretty funny listening to his scatterbrained replies (as usual, if you are a regular listener of Howard’s show). It’s too bad the Kings didn’t get a VHS transfer of that rant on their disc here – it would’ve been a cool CD-ROM. Loud rocking and a great sense of humor, to boot. Check these North Carolina boys out.

 –dale (The Dead Kings)