DEAD KENNEDYS: Milking the Sacred Cow: CD

Jan 23, 2008

EASY JOKE ALERT: This record could not be more aptly named. I hold in my hand the brand new “greatest hits” collection of the Dead Kennedys. True, the disc does a decent job of chronicling the music career of these miscreants, but was it truly necessary to do so? Any DK fan could point the ignorant music enthusiast to Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables or Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death and produce similar results. The track listing for this is pretty much pulled from the two previously mentioned releases with one or two tracks from the others for good measure. It comes with two live tracks—”Soup Is Good Food” and “Jock-O-Rama”—the latter is filled with enough distortion that it’s almost worthless. In fact, the whole thing is worthless. Anyone interested, seriously, Fresh Fruit, ten bucks, local record store.

 –Bryan Static (Cherry Red)