DEAD KENNEDYS: Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables: 25th Anniversary Edition: CD/DVD

Aug 15, 2006

After twenty-five years, I finally own a copy of this. From back then through now, I know many people who I either borrowed this from or had them tape it for me if I wanted a copy. I just never got around to purchasing one for my own. Like many, this is one of the very first punk bands I ever listened to. I liked everything up to In God We Trust and moved on. Seeing them live was another thing. They were so energetic and would bring a crowd so large that you thought they were a major label radio band before their break up. I worked as a bouncer (that’s a funny one, due to my size) at one of their Grand Olympic shows here in L.A. There were so many people at that show that during their set, the barricade in front of the stage collapsed from the sheer weight of the people. To make matters worst, Jello would constantly stage dive into the crowd and crowd surfed throughout their set. In turn, we had to dive into the crowd and fish him back to the stage. Once on stage, he dove right back into the crowd. Fun times. It would be a hopeless attempt to describe the music. Everybody involved in the punk scene has or, if new, will at one time hear the music of this band in their lifetime. So no information is necessary. What I was worried about would be the re-mastering so that it can be put out on CD. The early re-masters of anything during the infancy of CDs were horrible. But technology and experience has progressed. This sounds pretty true to original recording. Also, included is a fifty-five minute documentary titled Fresh Fruit for Rotting Eyeballs. I have only watched part of this so far, but what I have seen is interesting. Always like to hear some history. Even though there is strife between the band and Jello where Jello lost ownership to the music, this record has stood the test of time. I would much rather purchase and listen to this than have to see the Jello-less karaoke act that is now the Dead Kennedys.

 –don (Manifesto)