DEAD HEROES: I Hate This Life: 7"

Mar 15, 2008

This is a pretty good skinhead band without the sing-a-long anthems that can be very annoying. The vocalist sounds like they pulled him from the Confederacy of Scum (Jeff Clayton, Phil “Whiskey Rebel” Irwin, et al). This put a funny picture in my head of a redneck singing along with some skins. But when you think about it, they aren’t really too much different. The skins wear those plaid button-up shirts while the redneck wears plaid button-up flannel shirts. The skin also wears suspenders; the redneck, overalls. Of course, they both wear boots. The only difference is the hair. I enjoyed these three songs and felt all warm and fuzzy inside thinking of the harmony going on between two subcultures. 

 –toby (Headache)