DEAD GHOSTS: Can't Get No: Cassette

Jul 24, 2013

Dead Ghosts reflect a spectrum of Nuggets-influenced punkness. Melodic bass lines and solid organ playing add ‘60s rock riffage to an album that sounds good in every gear. Slower fare like “You Don’t Belong” finds the band handling the sincerity, while “That Old Feeling” and “On Your Own” are jumpy songs that keep the album moving. “Tea Stomp Rumble” is a surf instrumental in the style of Link Wray that captures an eerie, late night quality that sometimes sneaks into slow, ‘60s instrumentals. It’s one of those unintentional things that probably happened just because the band is into it. These guys hit all the rungs on the ladder without being contrived. It’s a good one.

 –Billups Allen (Burger)