No Front Teeth is a special kind of record label. They are taking all the best of what’s happening today in punk, oi, and skate rock and putting out there. There are well known bands being thrown in with virtual unknowns and it all works. Europe and North America are equally represented, too, which brings us to this split single. Florida’s Dead End Kids and The Jabs from London. The Kids are first up with three tracks that bounce all over the place and refuse to get pigeonholed. It’s the best stuff I’ve ever heard by them. The Jabs bring the catchy singalongs that aren’t really like oi, but have those infectious choruses. I wound up getting “Somalian Ketchup” stuck in my head forever. Could it be possible The Jabs might be a new favorite here in the Stranglehome? I think so.

 –ty (No Front Teeth)